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17 Mar 2003

Triamis Chooses PowerNet as a preferred Partner in Asia

Triamis Technology Group, a full service IT Solutions provider, has selected PowerNet as its Preferred Partner for its Broadband and PowerTechware solutions.

PowerNet, a leading IP transit carrier and IP solutions company in Asia, has been chosen by Triamis Technology Group, a full service IT Solutions provider, as its preferred Broadband and IP solutions partner.

The agreement between the two companies will see PowerNet and Triamis working together on a project by project basis, providing comprehensive Broadband and IP solutions to customers cost effectively with the highest performance in the market.

Samuel Kam, CEO, said: "PowerNet is delighted to announce the new strategic partnership with Triamis Technology Group. We look forward to working closely with Triamis to target the market with our comprehensive PowerTechware solutions."

Triamis selected PowerNet's PowerTechware solutions which include cutting edge Internet communication systems (Gigabit Routers/RAS/VPNs) and servers (Video/DNS/Web/Mail/Firewalls) to accommodate the needs of small to the largest of enterprises. Triamis' clients will have a flexible and scaleable solution to meet all future growths in terms of technology. Powered by PowerNet's highest speed Internet Data and Exchange Centre, a six star facility catering to telecommunications, ISPs and Internet businesses seeking the highest connectivity standards and solutions, Triamis will have ensured capabilities to cater to its customer's needs.

Triamis plans to launch in the very near future a full service Wireless Internet service across Hong Kong region using PowerNet technology.

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